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When faced with mental illness, patients, families and others want to educate themselves, preparing themselves to ask questions and play an active role in working toward managing the illness. This library offers resources that will enhance the understanding of mental illness, specific diagnoses, and treatment options.

Lindner Center of HOPE Introduction

Mental Illness relating to the Newtown Tragedy

Lindner Center of HOPE - Treatment of Depression

Lindner Center of HOPE: Women's Mental Health on Fox 19

Lindner Center of HOPE: News on TMS Therapy (WKRC)

Lindner Center of HOPE: News on Anorexia (Fox 19)

Lindner Center of HOPE: Patrick Swanson, MD speaks out on bullying during two segments of WXIX Fox19 Morning Xtra. Learn what parents should be talking to their children about on this issue.
            Video: News on Bullying 1 (Fox 19)
Video: News on Bullying 2 (Fox 19)

Lindner Center of HOPE Can Help Those Struggling With Depression

Lindner Center of HOPE Chief of Psychology, Robin Arthur, PsyD talks to Morning Xtra co-host Tracey Johnson about individuals who may be at higher risk for depression during the holidays and signs, symptoms and triggers.

Feeling blue after the holidays?

New Eating Disorder & Medications

Questions and Answers about Eating Disorders

Questions and Answers about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Questions and Answers About Sibcy House

Treatment For Teen Depression

Changes in Adolescents That May Cause Concern

Information on Teenager Angst & Depression

WCPO Adolescent Call-in Event

May is Mental Health Month

"Failure To Launch" -- What's Really Holding Back Emerging Adults?

Dr. Paul E. Keck on Milestones

Milestones Series on Recovery Dr. John Hawkins

"Failure To Launch" -- What's Really Holding Back Emerging Adults?

Dr. Paul E. Keck on Milestones

Milestones Series on Recovery Dr. John Hawkins

Musical "Next To Normal" Discussion

Eating Disorders During the Holidays

Quantia MD Podcasts

Key Learning Points from the Psychiatric Interventions Series with Paul E. Keck, Jr., MD

Suicide Risk Assessment and Management with John C. Kennedy, MD

Binge Eating Disorder and Obesity with Anna I. Guerdjikova, PhD, MSW

Crash Course in Bulimia Nervosa with Anne Marie O’Melia, MS, MD

Assessment and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders with Justin J. Trevino, MD

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Finding HOPE Inside One's Grief

Are Some Of Us Wired to Take Risks?
Depression Signs Go Beyond Typical Teen Behavior

OCD Comes In Many Forms

ADHD Linked to genes
Mental Health Sufferers Find Niche in Workforce through Supported Employment Programs
Mood Disorders Afflict Adults and Children Alike
Perinatal Depression Effects Infant Development
The Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
TMS Therapy offers adults with depression new treatment option
Treating Anorexia with the Maudsley Approach
What is Depression?
Teen Depression: How Caregivers Can Help