Settling in at Sibcy House
At Sibcy House your comfort is important to us.  Though you should feel free to call us with any specific questions you may have, we hope the following helps you prepare for your first few hours at Sibcy House.

Our 36-acre, private, wooded-setting is located in Mason, Ohio just outside of Cincinnati. To enter our campus, you will proceed down a half-mile drive across open fields with majestic, tree-lined paths. As you proceed down the drive, Lindner Center of HOPE will come into view, a lodge-like building nestled in a rolling terrain.

As you enter the two-story lobby, you’ll see our Welcome Center. Our staff will be expecting you so please introduce yourself at the desk. The Sibcy House coordinator will meet you in the lobby and escort you to your room. Staff will assist you with luggage. Once you enter the Sibcy House unit, staff will show you to your room and through other areas of the Center.  Depending on the time of your arrival, we’ll ask you to make your lunch or dinner selections. Family members are welcome to stay or may leave at this time. If you have any medications with you, please give them to your family to take with them. We’ll provide all of your medication needs during your stay and make sure you leave with any needed prescriptions.

Once you’ve settled in, a staff member will review our patient handbook with you. You’ll be asked to sign a patient consent form which will allow the staff to begin your diagnostic testing and treatment. Your photograph will be taken (for our identification purposes only) and will be worn on a wristband for the duration of your stay. Your individualized treatment will begin with a private conversation with a member of the Sibcy House treatment team. During this initial conversation, which should take about 40 minutes, we’ll discuss your symptoms and treatment goals. A nurse will continue the admission process by taking your vital signs (blood pressure, temperature, respiration, height and weight) and initiating lab work.

During your assessment, a Sibcy House mental health specialist will review the contents of your luggage. Some grooming items, especially lotions or gels in glass containers, may be kept for you by the staff. You may check them out as you need them each day. After you have been at Sibcy House for about 24 hours, you may talk to the treatment team about keeping certain items and belongings in your room. If diagnostic test or treatment is not scheduled, you are free to watch television, read in the library, get to know others in the community area, or unwind in your room.

We hope this information helps and we look forward to meeting you!

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