A Unique Diagnostic and Treatment Environment
Sibcy House offers a healing experience not found in traditional hospitals or mental health centers. Patients in the Sibcy House program benefit from the medical expertise of physicians as well as doctorate and masters level professionals. Our renowned clinical team uses state-of-the-science technology and medical expertise to accurately diagnose patients and create individualized treatment plans.

An accurate diagnosis is the cornerstone of successful treatment. Often, patients arrive at Sibcy House with multiple diagnoses and a history of treatment attempts.

Throughout Sibcy House’s Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment, our treatment team uses proven methodologies to arrive at a conclusive diagnosis on which the patient’s individualized treatment plan is based.

Patients often travel from other hospitals and programs to participate in Sibcy House’s Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment. Upon completion, they return with their blueprint for treatment.

Individualized Care
At the conclusion of the Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment, a treatment plan is developed and recommendations are made for the patient’s continuing care needs whether at Sibcy House or in another environment. In keeping with our philosophy of individualized care, patients routinely stay at Sibcy House beyond the Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment according to their plan and therapeutic progress.

While at Sibcy House, each patient’s plan is reviewed daily by a psychologist. This approach allows clinicians to address the subtle fluctuations in therapeutic needs of each patient, each day. Patients experience a full day of treatment programs each day according to their individualized plans.

Treating The Mind and Body

True health and wellness must incorporate the body and the mind. Though each guest has their own unique treatment plan, every plan incorporates treatment components to achieve both mental and physical health. Recreation is a daily part of treatment. In addition to exercise and movement therapy, yoga, eastern meditation and naturopathic consultations can be arranged as part of each patient’s treatment.
A Week At Sibcy House
  • Individual Psychotherapy with Psychologist – Minimum twice weekly
  • Psychiatric Consultation - Minimum twice weekly
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Group – Minimum twice weekly
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Group - Three sessions per week
  • Treatment Team – Twice weekly
  • Illness / Treatment Education Group – Twice weekly
  • Recreational Therapy Group - Daily for 1-3 hours including Spirituality and Exercise / Movement therapy
  • Family Consultation