During the last 25 years, advances in understanding the way the brain works have led to a vast improvement in accuracy in the diagnosis of mental illness. In addition, rigorous scientific studies in recent decades have demonstrated the efficacy of many medicines, forms of psychotherapy and other treatment options for mental illnesses and addictions. These advances are a source of hope for patients and families.

Sibcy House clinicians are dedicated to offering patients and families the most current options for diagnosis and access to evidence-based treatments. Our clinicians’ commitment to successful outcomes is supported by their access to the latest research advances identified by the Research Institute at Lindner Center of HOPE. The integration of research and clinical care under one roof facilitates the implementation of innovative treatments into clinical practice years ahead of general practice.

The combination of years of experience and the influence of the latest discoveries in the field provide Sibcy House clinicians with the breadth and depth to treat even the most complicated mental health cases.

Genetic Testing
As leaders in mental illness diagnosis and treatment planning, Lindner Center of HOPE clinicians prescribe genetic testing for patients, with the potential to determine how specific medications will benefit individuals and help minimize side effects. This test aids the doctor in prescribing the most suitable therapies for the individual. Read more about genetic testing, click here.

The Farmer Family Neuromodulation Center
The Neuromodulation Center offers Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), making Lindner Center of HOPE one of only a few TMS providers in the country. TMS is a new non-invasive procedure for the treatment of depression for adult patients who have not experienced adequate improvement from antidepressant medicines and counseling. This promising new modality was recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. If indicated, TMS treatment can be available for patients in the Sibcy House Program.

An analysis of patient outcomes at the Center has indicated significant recovery as a result of TMS Therapy.

“These findings indicate that TMS treatment is showing lasting benefit for patients who have suffered a long time with major depression. For me, that’s a differentiator when compared to other treatment options.”

Nelson Rodriguez, M.D., FAPA, Psychiatrist, Lindner Center of HOPE