The Sibcy House Approach in Action

At Sibcy House, patients and families experience a premiere mental health care and addiction recovery environment. Members of our renowned, multi-disciplinary clinical team use state-of-the-science technology and medical expertise to accurately diagnose patients and create individualized treatment plans. The flexibility of our approach offers a clinical advantage for individuals who:
  • Have stabilized after experiencing their first behavioral crisis or have recently been diagnosed with a mental disorder.
  • Have struggled with long-standing mental illness with complex, co-morbid issues.
  • Have reached an impasse with their current treatment approach.
  • May have underlying causes for addictive behaviors and other mental disorders that need to be uncovered and clearly addressed.
  • Are stable but may be at risk for decompensation during assessment or residential stay.
  • Have had mixed, multiple or uncertain diagnoses making treatment direction questionable.

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Financial Considerations

Payment for services at Sibcy House is discretely arranged on a private-pay basis. Fees for Sibcy House’s services are well within the fee range of comparable programs offered by similar nationally-renowned psychiatric programs.
“At Sibcy House, our clinical staff has the advantage of in-depth diagnostic testing and state of-the-science treatment technology. When combined with our extensive therapeutic skills, we can detect subtle fluctuations in each patient’s treatment progress. We then adjust our approach accordingly to ensure the likelihood of an optimal outcome.”

Todd N. Palumbo, MD, MBA
Consulting Psychiatrist

Helping Our Patients Move Forward:

Developing A Blueprint to Facilitate Future Success

You Tube Video: Questions and answers about Sibcy House. Learn more about what this comprehensive psychiatric residential facility can offer you or a loved one who is suffering from mental or behavioral episodes.