About Sibcy House at Lindner Center of HOPE
For patients seeking care beyond the hospital setting and the limits imposed by third party payers, Lindner Center of HOPE offers comprehensive care for adults age 18 years and older in a short term residential setting. Sibcy House is a 16-room, private-pay, residential program that offers a premiere diagnostic and treatment environment not found in traditional hospitals or treatment centers. Patients benefit from an extensive diagnostic assessment followed by extended stays to initiate their individualized treatment plan.

Sibcy House programs feature:

Sibcy House offers specialty tracks for patients diagnosed with:

Virtual Tour

Individuals driving along the tree-lined entrance feel the peace and tranquility surrounding Lindner Center of HOPE. Deer are often scene roaming the grounds, enhancing the setting.

Sibcy House at Lindner Center of HOPE is located on 36 acres in a serene and private wooded setting.

The entrance to Lindner Center of HOPE is lodge-like in design, offering a promise for a comfortable and therapeutic stay.

Natural elements from outside follow individuals into a bright and airy lobby.

Visitors check in with our friendly and compassionate Welcome Center staff.

Our intake area sits behind our Welcome staff.

Sibcy House is a specialized and intimate setting located within Lindner Center of HOPE. Sibcy House offers a comprehensive diagnostic assessment and short-term residential treatment programs to prepare individuals for the next step in their journey to recovery.

Nurses' stations within all patient care units enable staff to view all patient areas from one central location, ensuring safety and access to support.

Private patient rooms with private restrooms are enhanced by quality linens, furnishings and a few small touches to make the space feel more like home.

Comfortable furnishings in Group Therapy space create an environment conducive to open and therapeutic communication.

Open activity space invites patients to take full advantage of the environment, participating in groups and engaging with staff and peers.

Each patient care unit has a library with a fireplace for reading and study. The space is also use for meetings and activities which enhance the patient experience.

Screened porches provide additional space for patients to enjoy fresh air and quiet activities.

A gymnasium enables patients to engage in activities in support of their own physical fitness and well being.

A fully-equipped fitness center presents another opportunity for patients to maintain overall health.

A restaurant-quality dining room with wait staff features a gourmet and nutritional menu.

Indoor and outdoor seating is available for individuals dining at Sibcy House.

An inviting back patio with outdoor seating for dining surrounded by walking paths creates a nice setting for patients.

Tranquil walking paths create a park-like setting for enjoying the natural surroundings. Recreational activities are also offered in this attractive space.

The Faith Center provides an environment conducive to embracing spirituality. Patients may participate in groups and individual meetings with the spiritual care staff to enhance their experience.