The Importance of an Early Diagnosis
An early and accurate diagnosis greatly enhances each patient’s recovery process. Sibcy House offers an in-depth diagnostic assessment as part of every program to support treatment plans that can offer the best chance for a successful therapeutic outcome.

Patients with mental illness often follow an erratic treatment path involving numerous facilities and varying clinical practices. Without a rigorous diagnosis at the beginning of treatment, patients often continue on a course of clinical episodes with little long-term success.

Sibcy House’s Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment provides patients, families and continuing care providers with the information needed to begin and continue treatment with the best chance for an optimal clinical outcome.

Advantages of an Early Diagnosis:
  • Recovery is more likely to progress in a positive direction throughout treatment
  • Avoids multiple treatment attempts at numerous facilities
  • Cost of care can be better managed
  • Treatment results in better long-term outcomes
  • Allows patients to pursue a better quality of life with a treatment plan built on a firm foundation

Sibcy House Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment Tools:
  • Psychiatric and psychopharmacologic evaluation
  • Psychological and neuropsychological testing
  • Supportive psychotherapy
  • Neurologic evaluation
  • EEG*
  • Medical consultation including specialty consultations
  • Psychoeducational and psychotherapeutic programs
  • Nutrition evaluation
  • Chemical and behavioral addiction evaluation when clinically indicated
  • Summary of diagnostic results and treatment plan available to patients and referring professionals
  • Evaluations for substance use and addictive disorders, stress management, impulse control disorders, trauma and post-traumatic stress, electroconvulsive
  • Sleep study*
  • Genetic testing*
  • Family and Social assessment

At the conclusion of the Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment, many patients decide to remain at Sibcy House to begin their treatment plan.

Most patients complete the 28 day program.

* indicates a service that is available for an additional cost

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